Explaining the wall

‘It is part of the vision of the Friends of Colchester Roman Wall to install a chain of thirteen Interpretation Boards around the Wall. That way both local people and tourists can learn more about the history of our fascinating Wall.
We will start at Balkerne Gate, the most high profile point on the Wall, where an old Board, well past its sell-by date, needs to be replaced. Boards cost about £1,000 each and we have the funds for this first one. Our aim is to install all of them over a period of about three years. That depends on the number of new Friends we get, other donations and sponsorship of individual Boards by businesses or people near them.
The style of the Boards will line up with signage at the Castle in its coming new makeover. The Friends are in consultation with Colchester and Ipswich Museum Services and its graphic designer about this.
This ambitious project is part of our plan to make the Wall look more cared for and more interesting than it does now. The Roman Wall is one of our greatest assets from the past. It is too easy for Colcestrians to take it for granted.’