Priory Street board unveiled


The unveiling of the Priory Street interpretation board

On Friday 11 September 2015 the fifth wall interpretation board was unveiled by the Mayor of Colchester Cllr Theresa Higgins and Mark Davies representing the Colchester Archaeological Group. The Group chose to sponsor this board because of its links with this particular site. The Group’s first excavation, in 1965, recorded the foundations of the bastion that once stood here.

Our Chairman of the Friends noted that ‘If ever there was a Board which perfectly illustrates the need for interpretation of our Wall, this is it.’

On the face of it the Wall at this point is made up of brick, some of it obviously very modern. In fact this point was the site of a breach in the Wall at the time of the 1648 Siege. It was knocked down by Parliamentary cannon located on Magdalen Green nearby. Also visible here are the surviving bastions. Four of the original eight remain above ground. These were erected after the Peasants Revolt of 1381 when the authorities were worried by the possibility of further rebellion.