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FoCRW was launched on 8 July 2010 at Colchester Town Hall. We are a┬ávoluntary organisation – currently seeking charitable status – with the purpose of celebrating the most obvious feature of our town’s Roman heritage – the Wall. Although added to and rebuilt over the centuries, the Wall dates back to the 1st century AD.


Our Chair is Cllr Henry Spyvee, former Mayor of Colchester. He can be contacted at chair@romanwall.org

Our Treasurer is Neal Benjamin. He can be contacted at treasurer@romanwall.org

One thought on “About Us

  1. I notice that the Sign in Priory St tells visitors that the bastions along that section which are late fourteenth and early fifteenth century were constructed as a response to the so-called ‘peasants revolt.’ Is there any documentary evidence for this? Since Colchester closed its gates and refused the rebels entry it hardly seems necessary and in any case, why only on the stretch of the wall closest to the port area of Colchester?
    It is, surely , much more likely that these bastions were a part of a south-east wide programme of fortification in response to numerous French raids including one on Harwich which resulted in an extensive overhaul of the defences. Other defensive works included the Cinque Ports and Canterbury. The fact that the work at Colchester continued into the reign of Henry V suggests that the continuing war with France are the obvious motivation. Colchester was a fairly major port and supplied ships to the King in time of war.

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