What does the Wall mean to you?

We invite you to give us your thoughts on the Wall.

One thought on “What does the Wall mean to you?

  1. Since I went to school in London, I had been on trips to find fragments of the London Wall under car parks and high rise buildings. I had seen the remains near Tower Hill underground station and the White Tower when I took advantage of the free admission of the Tower offered to schoolchildren.
    It is more than 40 years since I first set eyes on the Balkerne Hill stretch of Colchester’s Roman Wall and was so amazed at the extent of it, I remarked on it to the first person I saw, who laughed at me, as if I was an idiot.
    I later found out the town walls extended all round the town centre.
    As a young person who came on one of my tours said she was doing recently, I would “talk about them to anyone who would listen.” It is my aim to have as many people as possible and future generations taking an interest in, cherishing and talking about the wall.

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